Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm over-qualified.

I met a new client today. I was warned that he would be a very arrogant middle aged man that would try to scare me. I walked into his store prepared but not too nervous. As I wondered around the store (very high end) I realized I had forgotten his last name and I asked an employee for this info. and right off the bat, I could sense he was not a very liked man. When I finally made my way to him, he asked me right off from the get-to "why should I hire you??" I was taken aback, but without hesitation, I said, "quite honestly, because I'm over-qualified for this job" he was equally taken aback and we both smiled. He showed me what his project was about and I gave him a brief synopsis of what I could do. He was satisfied, and I walked away with my neck a little longer knowing that I WAS over-qualified after all.