Monday, November 8, 2010

A Princess in my heart

Princess April 6, 1994 - November 7th, 2010

Yesterday I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. I had to put my dear Princess down. She was with me for close to 17 years. My friend, my confidant, my dearest sweetheart. It is so hard to explain how I feel and at the same time, I cannot express my pain openly without being criticized so I'm doing it here in the blogosphere where I hope that if no comment is ever posted in response, at least I know I've paid my respects to her. She came to my life a few months after my dad's passing in a time when nothing seemed to make sense. She was graceful, peaceful and just so charming to be around. She grew old and dependent on me. Always loving me unconditionally and not judging me. Ever. My heart is aching and it is going to take some time to heal.

I will always miss her.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm over-qualified.

I met a new client today. I was warned that he would be a very arrogant middle aged man that would try to scare me. I walked into his store prepared but not too nervous. As I wondered around the store (very high end) I realized I had forgotten his last name and I asked an employee for this info. and right off the bat, I could sense he was not a very liked man. When I finally made my way to him, he asked me right off from the get-to "why should I hire you??" I was taken aback, but without hesitation, I said, "quite honestly, because I'm over-qualified for this job" he was equally taken aback and we both smiled. He showed me what his project was about and I gave him a brief synopsis of what I could do. He was satisfied, and I walked away with my neck a little longer knowing that I WAS over-qualified after all.